《Twelve Monkeys》




《Twelve Monkeys》

Something about the movie Twelve Monkeys

When I watched the movie for the first time, there came a mind in my mind: the director is a totally schizophrenia. The movie is totally a chaos. The picture is dark, the music is so strange. It’s just scaring. But after I watched this movie for the second time, things just turned.

Generally speaking, this movie is not so unreadable compared with Cloud Atlas (I can’t completely understand it even though I had watched it for four times). The story is simple: In the year of 2035, Cole was send back to 1996 by time travel created by scientist to collect information on a virus which caused so many people died and forced the surviving population to live underground. But the scientists always make mistakes: The first time Cole was send to 1990, and he was defined as a schizophrenia and met his philologist. The second time, he was send to the World War I and got injured. The third time he was send to the right year – the year of 1996. At first, they thought the virus was made and separated by the Twelve Monkeys army, but finally, they realized that the Twelve Monkeys Army is an organization whose aim is just releasing all the animals in the zoo. Then, they discovered that the virus was produced and released by Dr. Peters, an assistant at the virology lab run by Goines’s father. When Cole want to kill him, Cole was fatally shot by police. The virus separated.

The music

The main music is so panic, just like a thriller’s. Rolling through the movie, this music makes unrest.

The Picture

Dark, colorless, sometimes it is just black and white. The clothes and buildings are 90’s style. The 2035 is not so fashion. Do you think the “scientists” looks really silly?

The actors

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

I don’ think he plays well. At first, he seems too stiff and bigoted and later, he suddenly become “clever”. He changes so fast. And sometimes, he seems too decadent and hopeless.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

Act well! (How handsome a man he is! :-) ) He plays a psychotic, and it’s really successful from the emotion to the expression. He took on us a real mad man.

twelve monkeys

Ok, this picture is so humor. The expressions on the scientists are diverse, and they made me laugh. Maybe some are care, some are hoping, others…

Something touched me

For all I know, you’re crazy as a loon. But that’s not why you’re here. You’re here because of the system.

Just like we are in university?

My father is God! I worship my father!

My father is Li Gang.

The movie never changes. It can’t change.


I want this to be the present.

So, make the present real.

This is the present. This is not the past. This is not the future. This is right now!

So, take the time, now.

Something I can’t understand

At the end of this movie, a woman said” I’m in insurance.”

What is the”Bob”?

What does this mean?

At first, we can clearly see this (the man who is escaping with a suitcase)

But who can tell me why the man changed in the end?

Ok, that’s all.



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